Sep 122017
Tips On How To Save Money In Orlando

Listed below are simple ways to save money in Orlando. These money saving tips apply to both residents and tourist.       Tips To Save Money In Orlando Theme Parks BOOK THEME PARK TICKETS ONLINE: Tickets booked online are usually cheaper than tickets booked at the Orlando Theme Park. Some theme parks offer discounts [Please Click Here To Read More…]

Apr 032017
Orlando Transportation, Taxi, Car Rental, Train

Various modes of Orlando Transportation are Orlando Taxi, Orlando Car Rental, Lynx Orlando (City Bus Service), Orlando Airport Shuttle, Orlando Train (SunRail) and Orlando App Taxis (such as Uber, Mers, Maxi). NOTE: Since tourism is an important part of the Orlando economy, most hotels offer their guests free shuttle service to Orlando’s main attractions and [Please Click Here To Read More…]

Jan 052017
Florida Representative, Congressman From Orlando

Florida Representative, Florida Congressman, Florida Senators and Florida Senate Members from Orlando and Orange County are listed below. Article has Orlando address and contact numbers of Orange County and Orlando Congressmen and elected Politicians.       Florida Legislature Representative From Orange County, Orlando Florida Legislature consists of two houses – Florida Senate (Upper House) [Please Click Here To Read More…]

Aug 122016
Top 10 Best Orlando Roller Coasters and Orlando Rides

The Best Orlando Roller Coasters and Theme Park Orlando Rides are listed below.     Kraken Is Among the Best Orlando Roller Coasters LOCATION: SeaWorld Orlando SeaWorld’s “Kraken” is an amazing Orlando Roller Coaster. Kraken builds anticipation, then lulls the rider to believe that the worst is over and then delivers an incredible thrill. Kraken [Please Click Here To Read More…]

Jun 202016
Top 10 Best Free Things To Do In Orlando

There are many free things to do in Orlando. There are free attractions in Orlando and free events in Orlando. Listed below are the top 10 free things to do in Orlando.       Best Free Attractions and Free Things to Do In Orlando LAKE EOLA PARK: Beautiful Park With Lots of Activity LOCATION: [Please Click Here To Read More…]

May 122016
Orlando Holidays And Florida Holidays In 2017

Listed below are the 2017 School, Public and Legal Florida Holidays and Orlando Holidays. US Federal and State Florida Holidays in 2017 are listed below. Also listed are the 2017 Schools Holidays in Florida and Orlando.     List of Florida Holidays 2017 And Orlando Holidays 2017 HOLIDAY DATE HOLIDAY DAY LEGAL FLORIDA HOLIDAYS AND [Please Click Here To Read More…]

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