Orlando Transportation, Taxi, Car Rental, Train

Orlando SunRail is the Orlando Train Service

Various modes of Orlando Transportation are Orlando Taxi, Orlando Car Rental, Lynx Orlando (City Bus Service), Orlando Airport Shuttle, Orlando Train (SunRail) and Orlando App Taxis (such as Uber, Mers, Maxi).

NOTE: Since tourism is an important part of the Orlando economy, most hotels offer their guests free shuttle service to Orlando’s main attractions and airport.





Various Orlando Transportation Options

Orlando Car Rental and Tips To Save Money

Hiring a car is a convenient option for travelling in Orlando. Since Orlando is widely spread out, renting a car is a great option, especially for families with kids.

Since Orlando is an important tourist destination, most large US National Car Rental companies are present in Orlando.


Tips for US Visitors Who Rent a Car in Orlando

  • Car rental companies usually give discounts for online bookings, pre-payment, loyalty program members, duration of car hire, etc. Please visit the website of car rental companies to take advantage of their latest offers and discounts.
  • Take full comprehensive car insurance, even though this may cost more. Car Rental companies will charge customers even for minor scratches.
  • Fill up the gas tank before returning the rental car. Car rental companies tend to charge a higher price for gas.
  • Cars rental companies at the Orlando Airport sometimes charge a higher car rental. Car Hire counters are on the ground floor of the Orlando International Airport.
  • Many hotels offer free parking. Orlando visitors may want to check hotel parking policy before booking a hotel.
  • People under the age of 25 tend to be charged more for hiring a car.
  • Some Care Hire companies allow the flexibility of returning a hired car to a different location from where it was picked up; but there is usually an additional charge for this service.
  • American citizens with valid driver’s licenses, and who are above 21 years of age, can hire a car in Orlando. Florida honors disability permits and license plates issued by other US states.
  • Car Hires provide GPS Navigation and child seats when asked for.


Tips for International Drivers in Orlando

  • International Drivers must have a valid driver’s license or permit from their country of origin. In 2013 Florida’s law was changed making it mandatory for foreigners to have an International Driving Permit if they intended to drive in Orlando and Florida. On realizing that this had a negative impact on tourism, the authorities were advised to defer enforcement of this rule. It is advisable for foreign drivers to Orlando and Florida to carry their International Driving Permit along with their original driver’s license from their home country. The International Driving License is especially important for those international drivers whose driver’s license/permit is not in English.
  • The minimum age for Car Rental in Florida is 21. This age limit applies to both US residents and foreigners.
  • Drive on the right side of the road.
  • Children under the age of four or who weigh less than 40 pounds (15 Kg), must be strapped in a child seat. Children of ages four and five must either have a car seat or a separate carrier, or a booster seat. Remember to ask the Orlando Car Rental company to provide child safety seat.
  • Use of seat beat is compulsory for people in the front row of a car. All persons under the age of 18 must wear a seat belt anywhere in the car, even in the back seat.
  • Do not even thing about drinking under the influence of alcohol. US laws for drunk driving are very strict.







Orlando Taxi: Fares, Tips, Orlando Taxi Companies

  • Taking a taxi in Orlando is a convenient way of travelling in the city. Being a tourist town, Orlando has many taxi and transportation service providers.
  • Except for the main tourist attractions and high population density areas, it is difficult to find a Taxi off the street. Calling for a taxi is a better option.
  • Tipping cab drivers is not compulsory, but as with most other services in Orlando, a 15% tip is expected.
  • Since Orlando and its suburbs are spread out over a large area, the miles on the taxi meter start adding up quickly.
  • Orlando Taxi Fare varies across companies and type of taxis. Typical Orlando cab fares are – First quarter mile is $2.40, additional quarter mile is $0.60 and every 80 seconds of waiting is $0.60 or $27.00 per hour.


Below is a list of some of the Orlando taxi companies and private transport providers. Many of these providers charge based on their meter, whereas some offer passengers the option of a fixed price fare:

  • Mears (407) 422-2222 (Mears Transportation is Orlando’s largest taxi service)
  • Taxi Orlando Cab Service (321) 732-8266
  • Ace Metro Cab (407) 855-1111
  • Diamond Cab (407) 523-3333
  • Star Taxi (407) 857-9999
  • Quick Cab (407) 447-1444
  • Yellow City Cab (407) 422-2222
  • Town & Country Transport (407) 828-3035
  • Advantage Yellow Cab (407) 812-7000
  • Orlando Cab (407) 575-7757
  • Airport Shuttle USA, Inc (407) 219-9196 (mainly airport shuttle)
  • Quicksilver Tours & Transportation 1 888-468-6939 (mainly airport shuttle)
  • Call Taxi Cab (407) 800-6699 (mainly airport pick up and drop)
  • 1A Airport Taxi   (407) 530-0216 (mainly airport pick-up and drop)
  • Ryde (407) 603-6908 (private taxi and transportation service)
  • Flat Rate Taxi Drivers (407) 936-1300 (No Meter, fixed rate journey)
  • Central Florida Transportation Group (407) 545-5739
  • Caley’s Taxi (321) 750-6589 (option of meter or flat rate)
  • Tiffany Towncars (407) 370-2196
  • Linc’s Transportation (luxury limo service)



App Based Taxi: Uber Orlando, Lyft, Mers, Mexi Orlando

Uber offers the following 3 services in Orlando:

  • UberX: $1 Base fare, $0.65 cost per mile, $0.11 cost per minute, $1.85 service fee
  • UberXL: UberX: $3 Base fare, $1.15 cost per mile, $0.20 cost per minute, $1.85 service fee
  • UberSELECT: $3 Base fare, $1.65 cost per mile, $0.30 cost per minute, $1.85 service fee

NOTE: Uber cars are allowed to drop off passengers at the airport, but are not allowed to pick up passengers from Orlando airport.


Lyft, Mers, Mexi are some of the other phone app ride sharing transport providers in Orlando.

Lyft Orlando rates are similar to Uber.



Lynx Orlando Bus at Orlando International Airport


Lynx Orlando and I Trolley are Orlando’s Bus Services

  • Lynx is the Public Transport Bus Service in Orlando. Lynx Orlando buses service most parts of Orlando and its surrounding suburbs. Lynx Orlando buses are air-conditioned and clean. This article has information on all bus routes of Lynx Orlando.
  • In addition to single tickets, Lynx Orlando buses also offer bargain daily unlimited pass/ticket, weekly ticket and monthly ticket. Lynx Orlando buses are a cost effective way of travelling around Orlando. The disadvantage of using Orlando Lynx bus is that frequency is low and since Orlando is spread out wide, travel time tends to be long.
  • Lynx Orlando buses cover the five Florida counties of Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Polk and Volusia.
  • I Trolley is a bus shuttle service which travels along Orlando’s International Drive.



Orlando Shuttle Services and Orlando Airport Shuttle

  • Orlando airport shuttle service is available to journey to and fro from the airport to hotel. Orlando airport shuttle is especially useful for single travellers as it works out to be cheaper than regular taxi.
  • Companies that provide Airport Shuttle in Orlando include Mears, SuperShuttle, GO Airport, Blue Van and more.
  • For guests staying at Disney Orlando hotels, Disney provides Orlando airport shuttle service to and from the Orlando International Airport (MCO) to Disney Hotels.
  • Many hotels in Orlando provide free shuttle service for guest to the main Orlando attractions. Many Orlando Hotels provide free shuttle service to guest to Disney World Orlando, Universal Orlando and SeaWorld.



Orlando SunRail is the Orlando Train Service


Orlando SunRail – Orlando Train Service

SunRail is Orlando’s Train or Rail Service. SunRail Orlando is a North to South Rail line which starts at the Northern Orlando Suburbs of DeBarry and ends at Sand Lake Road, which is near the Orlando International Airport. Sun Rail Orlando has 12 Rail Stations and covers a distance of 32 Miles (51.5 Kms). Starting early 2018, SunRail Orlando train service will add an additional 4 stations as part of Phase 2. It will then extend from Poinciana in Osceola and Polk counties in the South to DeBarry in the North of Orlando. The Sun Rail Train service will have 16 stations and will cover a distance of 49.2 miles (79 Kms). The Florida counties of Volusia, Seminole, Orange and Osceola (in Phase 2) are covered by SunRail.

Please Note that Orlando’s train service, SunRail, does not cover Disney Orlando, Universal Orlando, SeaWorld and the tourist destination of International Drive. Orlando does not have a Metro rail system.

One way SunRail ticket range from $2.00 to $4.00 and round trip ticket cost $3.75 to $7.50. Children between the ages of 7 to 18, senior citizens over 65 years and people will disabilities pay half fare on SunRail. Children of ages 6 years and younger travel free on Orlando’s train. Lynx Orlando and Votran bus users who intend to use SunRail can request the bus driver to issue a transfer ticket, which can be used on SunRail. Frequent passengers of Sun Rail can purchase discounted reloadable SunCards which are valid for 7 days, 30 days and 365 days.

SunRail trains operate from Monday to Friday. There is no rail service on weekends and holidays. During morning and evening peak time SunRail has a frequency of 30 minutes.

Orlando’s SunRail Train in partnership with Lynx Orlando Bus Service offers a special service to Orlando International Airport. Passengers should get off at Sand Lake Road rail station and take the Lynx 111 Express Service to the Orlando International Airport. On the way back, take the Lynx 111 bus from the airport to Sand Lake Road station. Remember to ask the Lynx Bus driver for a transfer ticket.


From North to South Orlando the stations on SunRail’s route are as follows:

  1. DeBary Station
  2. Sanford Station
  3. Lake Mary Station
  4. Longwood Station
  5. Altamonte Springs Station
  6. Maitland Station
  7. Winter Park Station
  8. Florida Hospital Health Village Station
  9. Lynx Central Station
  10. Church Street Station
  11. Orlando Health/Amtrak Station
  12. Sand Lake Road Station

Phase 2 Stations: Meadow Woods Station, Tupperware Station (Hunter’s Creek), Kissimmee Amtrak Station, Poinciana Station






Orlando SunRail Train: Image by Artystyk386. Image taken from Wikimedia Commons. Image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. Image has been altered.